Car Wash

Nass provides car wash facility to its automobile customers with intent of customer satisfaction and provided with newly technical tools for washing of car.

Oil Replacement

In Nass service station, the process of oil replacement is done by expertise persons.
Original and various varieties of oils are available at our Service station to provide customer satisfaction based on customer choice.


All mechanical jobs from economic class cars to luxurious sedan to suv's are provided.


All the type of denting and painting works are done by us. specialised in denting work as well as painting work.

Air-condition check/replacement

The air-conditioning is crucial for sheltering you from weather and providing added comfort, we provide vehicles air-condition check from gas charging to leak testing.we also replace air-conditions

Pre Delivery Inspection(PDI)

The final inspection supervisor checks that all problems mentioned in the job order by the customer is attended & rectified. The final inspection procedure is very elaborate and very transparent to the customer. We explain the status of the non repaired / pending jobs which can be attended on a later time on customer’s choice.

The Pneumatic Tools

We have special pneumatic tools to Overhaul Engine/ Gear Box to remove bolts and screws efficiently and quickly.

* Special Services *

  • Anti Rust Treatment

  • Engine Lacquering

  • Exterior Polymer Coating

  • Interior PVC Polishing