Car Care

Electricals & AC

Electricals play a major role, from ignition to signalling to gauges,and in car entertainment. The air-conditioning is crucial for sheltering you from the weather and providing added comfort.

A quick checklist for keeping electricals and AC at their finest :

1) Battery check
2) Cabling check
3) Alternator check
4) Ignition check
5) Starter Assembly check
6) Fuse Box check
7) Sensors check
8) Gauge check
9) Wiper motors check
10) Dash Electricals check
11) Headlamps check

12) Indicator Lights check
13) Tail lamp check
14) Cabin lamp check
15) Compressor check
16) Condensor Assembly check
17) Blower System check
18) AC gas level check
19) AC fan motor check
20) AC belt motors check
21) AC wiring check

Engine & Drivetrain

The engine and transmission are the heart of your car .Take good care of these and your car will serve you a lot more efficiently and also have a longer life. We monitor the health of your engine and transmission.

A quick checklist for monitoring the health of your engine & transmission :

1) Engine oil level
2) Coolant level
3) Gear oil level
4) Oil Filter check
5) Air Filter check
6) Fuel Pump & Filter check
7) Water pump check
8) Oil Seals check
9) Fuel injectors motors check
10) Spark plugs check
11) Plug wires check

12) Ignition coil check
13) Idling RPM check
14) Timing Belts check
15) Emissions check
16) Accelerator Cable check
17) Clutch Cable check
18) Pressure plate check
19) Axles check
20) Fan Belts check
21) Engine Temperature check

Steering & Suspension Brakes

The steering mechanism,the suspension and brakes help control car movement and provide a comfortable and safe ride.Maintain these well to ensure good ride quality & long tyre life.

A quick checklist for monitoring these systems :

1) Power Steering Fluid level
2) Steering Column check
3) Steering joints check
4) Steering Ends check
5) Wheel alignment
6) Wheel balancing
7) Power steering drive
8) Lower Arm check
9) Struts check
10) Dampers check
11) Front Wishbone check

12) Drag Link Rod check
13) Wheel Bearings check
14) Bush check
15) Brake fluid level
16) Brake Pads check
17) Brake Discs/Drums check
18) Brake Liners/Cylinders check
19) Brake Callipers check
20) Brake Pedal Play check
21) Hand-Brake Cable check

Wheel Alignment And balancing

wheel alignment and wheel balancing check are done by us where we use new technical tools for wheel alignment and balance check is done through cheking weight of both tyres.

Battery check/Replacements

Here we take care of your batteries, battery-checking, battery water-checking ,charging check etc are done here and if required battery replacement is also done .

Exterior polishing & Interior polishing

we provide exterior polishing and interior polishinf facility also. interior polishing concludes whole interior from seat ,rooftop to deskboard etc. Exterior polishing concludes while outer body of vehicle.

Tyre Replacement

Nass is also a licensed provider of quality Bridgestone tyres and offers a limited Mileage Warranty against Tyre wear-out-Bridgestone will replace your tyres on a pro-rata basis if they do not achieve the guaranteed mileage.Actual tread life may vary.Certain exceptions and restrictions may apply.Complete details at our service station.

160 point checkup

In 160 point checkup we proide detaled checking of a/c, brake, clutch, denting , door, engine, electrical, general, gear, painting, suspension, steering and other repairing works.